From Fazer Pro, you can easily make your company's delicacy purchases online. Fill in the application below.

Applying for a Fazer Pro customer

The Fazer Pro ID requires the creation of a Fazer customer base. Fill in the registration form as accurately as possible. The application proceeds according to the normal customer entry process. Process will take few days. We will contact you as soon as possible.

The benefits of Fazer Pro e-commerce:

1. Fast delivery

2. A wide range of products

3. Good product availability

4. Quick repurchases

5. Shopping lists of your favorites

6. View order history

7. Invoice as a payment method

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I order confectionery products

Fazer Confectionery supplies products in the EU. To establish a direct customer relationship, we review the company’s background information and the company must have on going business running for more than one year. 

Ordering bakery products*

  • Fazer Bakery concludes always a direct delivery customer contruct. Customers cannot themselves pick up products from Fazer.
  • Orders from Fazer Pro require regular ordering and a sufficiently large purchase volume.
  • Fazer's frozen bakery products (such as self-baked croissants or rice pies) are to be purchased from Finnish food wholesalers.

It is most profitable for you to order Fazer bakery products through wholesale, because Fazer will charge an additional fee for small deliveries. 

Please select the best wholesaler for your needs.

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Fazer Pro

You can read the general terms and conditions of Fazer Pro here

You can read Fazer's privacy policy here

By pressing the "Send" button, the information is sent to Fazer's sales service and we will contact you when your account is activated

Customer service at Fazer

If you are a new customer and want to register as a Fazer Pro subscriber, fill out the form on this page. If you are an old customer, please contact our customer service .

Fazer Confectionery and Fazer Bakeries have business-specific approval processes to open a customer base.

Please note that a direct delivery agreement is always created for Fazer Bakeries' corporate customers. Therefore, in the customer relationship process, it is important to weigh the customer’s purchase volume and the location of the delivery point. We only deliver bakery products within Finland.

Fazer Confectionery supplies products in the EU. We review the company’s background information, in addition the company must have previous business to establish a direct customer relationship.

You know that you can also find a wide range of Fazer products in almost all Finnish wholesalers. Order through wholesale.